The e-Alllon magazine supports ALLILON’s actions, values and vision. It is the product of the work of the editorial team, combined with your articles (Mentors, Local Coordinators, Members and friends of ALLILON).

For each issue, an issue is chosen that is central to the future of the global and Greek economy and to the professional future of our young people. The magazine hosts articles and promotes a broader reflection on the developments, perspectives and opportunities that are being created and how our young people and our country can best prepare for these developments.

Here you can find all of our issues, the respective references to those who have helped in one way or another, the topics for future issues, and instructions if you are interested in joining the writing and/or editorial team.

Published Issues

Upcoming Issues

Columnists and Guest Editors

Special Theme Issues (or Theme Inserts) are under the supervision of the Guest Editor who invites expert contributors to contribute articles on topics within their field of expertise and in accordance with the priorities and themes of the journal.

The following are guidelines for the preparation and publication of an Issue with a special theme or insert.

Preparing a proposal for an editorial note for the insert

Invited Editors should prepare an editorial note proposal for the Special Issue and submit it to the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher for their approval. The proposal should contain the following information:

Indicative title for the special issue
Brief description and 5-10 keywords for the special issue
Indicative timetable
Possible list of authors for the special issue

The Editor’s Note is received and completed by the Publisher. It is signed by the Editor, the Invited Editor and the Editor-in-Chief.

We encourage Invited Editors to include columnists from both the private and public sectors, as well as columnists of different ages and experience. We encourage the presentation of diverse views, as long as they are sufficiently well-researched, to help the general public delve deeper into the Special Topic and thereby encourage debate and collaboration on these important issues.

It is clarified that the “editor’s note” written by the editor for each issue, at the end of all of them, will cover points raised in the editor’s note on the selected topic and the general content of the journal. The guest editor will be able to put a page of comments after the editor on the issue he or she worked on immediately following the corresponding editor’s message.

Search articles

Invited Editors are encouraged to promote the editorial note of the special theme issue (including the insert) on professional and personal social media and to personally contact columnists who are experts in that theme area to solicit article submissions.

The prospect should be to have about 8 articles from acquaintances of the invited editor and 3-4 from existing ones. The authors should be or become members of ALLILON as well.

Article approval process

The submission and review of articles is done solely according to the procedures of the e-ALLION magazine.

The Invited Editor in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief reviews the articles. regarding the acceptance of articles submitted to the special thematic issue (or insert) on the basis of the article structure proposal. Once all articles have been received, the Invited Editor should prepare the final recommendation to the Editor for the Special Theme Issue. The Editor and the Editor-in-Chief respectively will craft the first and last message from the Editor and Editor-in-Chief as in previous issues

Where Invited Editors may have a conflict of interest with columnists whose work they review, e.g. if they come from the same institution or work closely together, the Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Publisher, will make any final acceptance decisions for submitted articles.

Articles coming to us are carefully reviewed by the invited editor with the editor-in-chief. For any article that is in doubt as to whether it should be rejected or left for another issue, the editor is informed so that the necessary decisions can be made immediately.

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The main objective of each issue of our quarterly magazine is to contribute to a better information, analysis and understanding of the developments, perspectives and opportunities that arise on each selected topic and will focus primarily on how our young people and our country can be best prepared.

ALLILON and its magazine support the efforts of its members to prepare themselves individually as best they can for the difficulties and competition they will face in their professional endeavors and generally to prepare themselves for the new economy that is rapidly emerging by, among other things, acquiring skills that will serve them to take advantage of the new opportunities. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting the vocational aspirations of young people in Greece.

With regard to the Greek economy and wider Hellenism, we are interested in articles on the future of Greece, the business and investment environment, legislative and other initiatives that contribute to the country’s ability to overcome the crisis and create the conditions for the necessary leap forward. New technologies and innovation are simply decisive factors for the future. Their development by universities and related public and private bodies and their integration into society and the production process are central to these concerns and an important part of the thematic priorities of the magazine. Expatriate Hellenism can play a huge role in the country’s efforts. The evolution of the Greek economy must support the creation of a growing stream of Greeks returning to Greece.

At the same time, the magazine will host articles and discussions that will encourage a broader reflection. Special attention will be paid to issues concerning the country’s exit strategy from the economic crisis, as well as the necessary principles and values that promote and facilitate the achievement of this goal, such as equal opportunities, meritocracy and transparency. ALLILON actively promotes networking, mutual support and solidarity, especially in the professional sector, but also more broadly in Greek society and global Hellenism. It also relies for its own progress on a spirit of volunteerism and a willingness to contribute to the common good, which are at the same time indivisible values in society and which ALLILON supports in every case. Furthermore, ALLILON supports the need to develop in Greece an economy and society that is more meritocratic, fair and more coherent around its core values and around a widely accepted vision for the future.

Thus, we hope that each issue of our magazine will contribute: 1) to the efforts of our members and especially our young people who are struggling for a better professional future; 2) to our country’s efforts to exit the crisis with a qualitative leap forward; and 3) to the strengthening of global Hellenism with greater networking, solidarity, cooperation and mutual support, especially in the professional sector and especially for our young people, wherever there are Greeks and friends of Greece.



In about 5-6 lines, the core message or main quest of the article, so that the reader can assess,as easily as possible, the interest the article presents to him/her at the given moment.


The author states in 3-4 lines the reason that prompted him/her to write the article, the usefulness of the article and the added value it aims to provide to the reader.


The approach to each topic is left to the discretion of the author, but we expect structured arguments and comparative analyses that will help the reader to approach the topic from different angles. We avoid taking positions that are bigoted, adamant and undocumented. Things are often not black or white, but usually graded from … dark grey to light grey. We report facts, knowledge, experiences, examples, potential risks and potential benefits and the conditions for them to occur.

Τhe author’s views are particularly welcome, supported by facts and/or his/her practical experience and/or existing knowledge (his/her own or others).

The purpose of ALLILON and the articles in the e-Allilon online journal is to broaden the readers’ cognitive and empirical horizons, so that they can find the path that will allow them to be flexible and useful in local or global society, not to create followers of a situation. The world and its environment are changing rapidly, therefore no situation is given and definitively positive or negative.

The author should therefore aim at one of more of the following:

  1. improving the understanding of main trends, globally, in Greece or in other countries where Greeks live.
  2. presenting public policies initiatives that could encourage the expansion of the productive basis of the Greek economy
  3. improving the business and innovation environment, the role of the private sector and the overall technological level of the real economy and its industrial basis.
  4. orientating, particularly young graduates, professionals, researcers and entrepreneurs for their professional next steps, and,
  5. encouraging them to consider carrefully opportunities for returning to Greece.


Consult the journal’s editorial schedule on this page where you will find the next three issues with editorial notes and other issues of the journal for the next issues. Send us a short message to to express your interest in writing an article, together with details of the topic and the main points of your article. You will be asked in due course to send us your completed article.


We accept articles written in Greek and, secondarily, in English and French. Articles should be 2-3 A4 pages, i.e. approximately 1000-1500 words, excluding footnotes. Include only a few key sources and bibliographical references. We recommend that the texts be in Arial or TimesNewRoman font size 12. No other graphic/stylistic interventions are needed in your texts.


The content of articles must be original and not have been part of a previous publication. Do not submit articles that have been accepted for publication elsewhere. Publication of an article in e-Allilon does not preclude or prejudice its subsequent (re)publication in another journal. We request that any article published elsewhere subsequently include a reference to the e-Allison journal.

Publishing Team