Participation in the ALLILON network has no cost. Members have access to the entire ALLILON network (Mentors, Local Coordinators, Members) as well as to our events. They can communicate with other members and with all the management bodies of our network and get to know each other mainly through participation in our LinkedIn group and our website. The only obligation that each member undertakes is to answer in the best possible way, when asked by another member, usually a younger member, about study, career or business experience, when that answer may be useful to the young person’s professional endeavors. This answer should be provided in ways that foster the spirit of solidarity and mutual support and encourage our young people in their efforts in the professional arena. Thus, each of our members is a potential mentor and ALLILON as a whole is a space of professional solidarity and mutual support that is constantly spreading.

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The Mentor shares his/her own experiences with the mentee, and through them, guides and supports the younger member who is looking for new opportunities or new horizons. He/she pays special attention so that the mentee can prepare, understand, discover and get to know and at the same time network better. The Mentor shall foster a spirit of solidarity, mutual support and initiative for personal and common good. He generally encourages our younger members to develop their initiatives and efforts in the professional arena.

ALLILON’s counselling is mainly “strategic” in its approach i.e. it seeks to assist in the important decisions that the person concerned is called upon to make and is based on relatively short, often online meetings, mainly one-to-one, lasting about 40 – 60 minutes and focused on the person’s inquiries and questions.

Our mentors remain strictly volunteers and offer their advice within ALLILON always pro bono. They have full control over the time they invest in each stakeholder.

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The Local Coordinators promote the objectives and actions of ALLILON in their area. They are the recognized contact points in their city or country. They help expand the networks and organize events.

In countries or cities where ALLILON has a strong presence there will be a team of Local Coordinators, usually consisting of up to five members. Each member of the Local Coordinator team will have at least one of the following roles:

  • Head of the Local Coordinator team: Will be responsible for overseeing and organizing all activities of the Local Coordinators team and will be the main channel of communication between the Local Coordinators and the communication team and ALLILON management.
  • Local Coordinator for the organization of events.
  • Local Coordinator for the promotion of membership and mentor networks.
  • Local Coordinator for the creation and operation of ALLILON social media.
  • Local Donations Coordinator (only within Greece)

Each Member can fill in the details of an organization or a company in his/her profile and request that his/her company or organization becomes a Member Company or Member Organization of ALLILON. The Member presenting such a request must have the necessary authorization to become the point of contact of the company or organization with ALLILON and with the other Members. The Member company has the right to permanently appear in the search of our website and , after agreement with the Communication Team, post on our Social Networks, about its activities. The same applies to our Members who are Freelancers or self employed.