ALLILON’s Mentoring: How it works

Mentoring is a cornerstone of our network and is based on the willingness to share professional experience.

ALLILLON Mentors are volunteers, willing to share their experience when asked by usually younger members.

Communication between a mentor and an interested member (mentee) is confidential and takes place through relatively short, often online, meetings (“one on one”). The interested party fills in a simple application form. It can meet up to 3 mentors for each application. Communication with mentors is confidential with the communication team acting as an administrative channel between members and mentors.

The interested visitor must register as a member of the website in order to have access to the mentors’ profiles. ALLILLON Mentoring mainly aims to support the younger members in their serious decisions for their next professional steps.

Access to ALLILON’s mentors and evaluation

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the context of ALLILON, Mentors only share their own professional experience with other members, usually younger, who wish to follow a similar professional path. They do so on a strictly non-profit basis. The Young Mentor has a recent successful experience gained either from studies or from professional insertion. He/she is a mentor for the specific experience only, and can be the raw model and the best source of useful information for younger people who follow the same path.

The mentorship of ALLILON is built around two key principles: – on the one hand: full transparency, with all interested mentees treated equally and given similar opportunities, and, – on the other hand: respect for merit and own initiative. The Mentor helps the younger member to prepare better, (i.e. prepare the tests and the interviews, understand the challenges and the environment, connect and network with the right people etc.). At the end of the day the success should come for those better prepared and more actively committed.

The interested mentee can consult our mentors even if he/she is in very early stages of search, e.g. freshmen looking to set a precise study plan.

A young member of ALLILON can become a Young Mentor for a specific University or even for a specific postgraduate diploma. Thus, interested mentees are requested to look carefully at the mentor’s profile before requesting communication with the mentor.

The mentoring of ALLILON aims at supporting the big decisions of the younger members, for example: which post-graduate diploma to pursue? How to succeed in my professional insertion? What career plan to choose? More questions can be related to professional orientation, professional integration, next career steps, career mapping, creating a new company or expanding an existing one, choice of business strategy, improving skills etc.

A condition for access to ALLILON mentors is to register as a member of our network. Registration has no cost and departure has no restrictions.

The candidate interested party (mentee) fills in an electronic application form to contact ALLILON mentor from his/her profile on ALLILLON website and then, after receiving the necessary “Consulting Certificate” from the Communication Team, along with the necessary instructions, takes contact with the mentors he has chosen.

Mentees have access to mentors only through an electronic “Certificate of Mentorship” issued by our Communication Team. For this purpose, our mentors do not accept requests and questions without first receiving the corresponding certificate. The request can be exploratory (eg mapping of options for studies or career) or detailed and in depth (eg selecting between two options for post graduate diplomas, or preparing for a specific entry competition or job insertion, or choosing a business strategy for a specific product or country). However, in order for the request to be accepted, it needs to provide a clear indication of the output expected from the discussion with the mentor.

This process allows us to provide the better service to our members. A mentor may not be available from time to time (workload, etc.), in all cases the flow of questions to a mentor needs attention, the person interested (mentee) should communicate with mentors who can effectively help, additional mentors might be suggested, in all cases a careful final evaluation is needed.

Our mentors remain strictly volunteers and offer their time to ALLILON on a stricty non-profit basis. They arrange the time they can devote to each request (mentee) on a case by case basis. They can restrict or even interrupt for some period (eg workload) the flow of mentees by informing the communication team. In all cases, they respond and share their professional experience to the best of their ability, when this experience appears relevant for the mentee, they are mindful of the importance for the mentee of networking and always project to the mentee a sense of solidarity and encouragement.

Our mentors are initially appointed for a period of less than two years (until December 31 of the year following their application). An honorary diploma is issued to each of our mentors for the specific period. At the end of the honorary diploma can be renewed again for a period of two years. Evaluation takes place every time after any meeting with a mentee, with short questionnaires on the main aspects of the mentoring experience.

In all cases of communication mentor-mentee through a Counseling Certificate or in the context of a speed-mentoring event, short evaluation questionnaires are sent separately to mentors and mentees, via slido. They are brief but cover the fundamental aspects that require quality monitoring. Members are welcome any time, to provide additional inputs, thoughts or suggestions to the Communication Team.