Where it all begins

ALLILONnet is an initiative of Greeks and friends of Greece who:

1. believe in the potential of Greece to take advantage of the great opportunities emerging from the rapidly mutating global economy, by using its considerable scientific, business and cultural human capital in Greece and abroad, and by supporting the initiatives of its youth in the professional field, around the world.

2. share the vision of Greece that can overcome the current challenges and can emerge from the crisis stronger and better, making a leap forward in the economy, the social cohesion, as well as the democratic institutions, principles, values and freedoms.

3. believe that our country is at one of those exceptional crossroads in history that require every Greek and every friend of Greece to participate actively and decisively in the wider common effort with a spirit of solidarity, a willingness to offer and volunteer, where needed, and with particular attention to the younger generation, which is being tested excessively by the current crisis.

Pillars of the vision

The Greek society

Guided by transparency, merit, fairness and justice, coherent around its core values, with a widely shared vision for the future, reducing inequalities, deepening of democratic values, strengthening institutions and freedoms, confident in its ability to prosper and create, able to build on the wealth of its heritage and able to provide the right framework for its young people to contribute from their rightful place to the technological advancement, the creativity and the innovation that will define the Greek, European and world affairs of the XXI century.

The Greek economy in the post-Covid era

With core national priority the need to expand its productive base and achieve high growth rates, internationally competitive, resolutely focused on innovation-based entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on high technology and the knowledge society at all levels, offering real, fast-growing and equal opportunities to its young people, making Greece an international hub of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship and creating the right conditions for a stream of expatriated Greeks returning to Greece.

The frenetic and accelerating pace of technological development in recent years is profoundly transforming the global economy and the balance of power, and therefore exacerbates competition, among nations. The pandemic has already caused additional upheavals and profound distortions in production processes and supply chains worldwide. The post COVID international scene will be characterized by a deeper, more intense and fiercer international competition where state intervention in markets, and therefore distortions, will increase sharply and where competition, both commercial and economic, will become much more geo-economic and geopolitical. This is happening already. There are already considerable needs to prepare, adapt and improve the resilience of the economy and society. In the more challenging world ahead, Greece has to make profound changes pursuing a great leap forward. It cannot be simple. Greece can do, but requires, among others, a strategic approach, internal coherence of vision and action and realistically daring and well targeted policies in all areas

Objectives of ALLILON

1st objective: to support individually, particularly the efforts of our younger members, for a better professional future.

ALLILON has created an easy-to-use and effective framework to support the efforts of its members, especially young people, in their studies, professional insertion, career or entrepreneurship. This framework can be used anywhere where there are Greeks and friends of Greece. It offers, with transparency and respect for meritocracy, facilitation of communication and networking, exchange of useful information and ideas, development of partnerships, mentoring and guidance, and generally solidarity and mutual support.

2nd objective: to build coherence around the core values of solidarity and mutual support in Greek communities and other entities abroad as well as in the Greek society.

The spread of our networks of members and mentors, i.e. people who have accepted and are governed by the principles and values of ALLILON, promote a spirit of solidarity, mutual support, cohesion and mobilization for the common good. Thus, the Greek communities and the organizations with which ALLILON works, in Greece and abroad, become more cohesive and, thus, more able to benefit from opportunities as well as to face challenges and difficulties.

3d Objective : To contribute to the indispensable preparation and adaptation to the emerging new economy.

The accelerating scientific and techonological progress, the deepening geopolitical competition of global powers, the pandemic , the war in Europe, the sanctions and the advancement towards a new cold war create profound challenges for adaptation to all, from the ordinary citizen, especially the young, to the whole country and global Hellenism. ALLILON promotes, through carefully selected cooperation partners in Greece and abroad a broad reflection and debate. Special attention is given to issues concerning the country’s exit strategy from the crisis, policies on particularly important issues and economic sectors, as well as the necessary principles and values, such as equal opportunities, meritocracy, transparency, democratic freedoms, etc. Hellenes living abroad can play a huge role in the country’s efforts. The evolution of the Greek economy and society must support the creation of a growing stream of Greeks returning to Greece.

The people of ALLILON

In all large organizations there are unsung heroes, who support on a daily basis with their actions and are the cornerstone of ALLILON.