The global network of Greeks and friends of Greece for solidarity in the professional field, mainly in favor of our youth, for studies, professional insertion, career and entrepreneurship. Independent, non governmental and not for profit.


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To many, mainly our younger members, ALLILON is a useful tool for their next steps in studies, career or entrepreneurship. To all our members, it is a spirit and message of commitment, encouragement, creativity, partnership, cooperation and solidarity.
The participation to the ALLILON network is completely free of any charge. The only commitment of the member is to respond in the best possible way, if requested by usually a younger member, about his/her professional experience on aspects that could be useful to the professional initiatives of the requesting member. Thus, ALLILON is a space of solidarity in the professional field that is constantly expanding.


What they say about us

A big thank you to ALLILON, for the communication help, and to its mentor Mr.M-, for his patience and enthusiasm, as well as his extremely important and valuable advice that will undoubtedly accompany me in every step of my further professional career.

Ippokratis Lygizos, Member

After a long meeting with one member, I gave him advice on approaching prospective employers. I also introduced him to a number of employers with whom he had some successful interviews.

Panagiotis Nomikos, Mentor

I was happy as I found a man (mentor) willing to help in a meaningful way. He gave me useful advice and this is very welcome from an established professional coming from a highly competitive field.

I would like to thank ALLILONnet for taking an excellent initiative at a very critical time. What I like is that a real effort is being made and I feel that I have a supporter in my efforts to improve professionally and as a person. Thank you very much.

Konstantinos Tountas, member

You have really contributed in a very big way to changing my mindset and I am grateful for that!!! I wish you to continue as you are and have even greater success in the future!

Michalis Pavlakis, member

I think your work is very important and very necessary, because it is indeed quite difficult to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. So this support and guidance that are provided are really vital for younger members and I fully agree with the point that has been made that it should be provided as early as the age of 18.

ALLILON's member
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