On May 26, 2021, the first joint online event of ALLILON, in collaboration with the Greek community organization of Turin “Microkosmos” on Digital Transformation in Greece and Italy, took place with great success.

The event was organized in 2 parts : the first part, was a panel discussion on the digital transformation in Greece and Italy. The 2d part, was a “speed mentoring” session organized as a series of individual meetings between ALLILON’s mentors and interested mentees.

The event was introduced by Mrs. Sofia Mastrokoukou, representative of the Italian-Greek organization and Mr. Angelos Pangratis , founder and honorary president of ALLILON.

Distinguished and eminent speakers participated in the event coming from both the academic community and from the private sector. Specifically, the event was opened by Mr Vassilis Tsolis, Founder and CEO of Cognitiv+, who inspired the online participants with the story of his company i.e. the conception and implementation of the platform that, with the help of artificial intelligence, analyzes and processes a large volume of legal documents in order to extract important information and knowledge, contributing to more effective management of legal risks and faster decision-making. Mr Yannis Soldatos, Professor at Athens Tech College and independent consultant to start-up technology companies, vividly outlined the professional future involving AI. The changes that the use of AI will bring about in the workplace and the need to adapt to new professional conditions, the digital transformation in education and professional life were some of the interesting topics he highlighted during his intervention.

Also, Mr. Georgios Tsichrintzis, Professor of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Piraeus, gave an informative presentation of the options for postgraduate studies at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Piraeus, reminding the dynamics and competitiveness of Greek universities in the global map of technological education. Finally, the event was closed by Mrs. Maria Varvou, Professor and President of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Piraeus, who spoke about the areas of Computer Science with the best employment prospects for young people, offering a valuable insight into the professions of the future.