logoΠειραιώς4ALLILONnet in collaboration with the University of Piraeus held their first joint event on 28 November 2019, with the main theme:

“Reconstruction of the Greek economy, entrepreneurship and the role of Economic Diplomacy”.

Speeches were given by prominent professionals – mentors of ALLILON and professors of the University of Piraeus on issues of the Greek economy and entrepreneurship, divided into two sections:

Section 1: The economic policy of exiting the crisis and the role of Economic Diplomacy (Moderated by Spyros Roukanas, Assistant Professor, University of Piraeus):

-Angelos Kotios, Rector of the University of Piraeus – “Entrepreneurship, Growth and Brain Gain”
-Angelos Pangratis, Coordinator with the rank of Director General in the EEAS, responsible for Economic Diplomacy. Former EU Ambassador to the World Trade Organization – “European Economic Diplomacy”
-Ioannis Voutsinas, President of the Piraeus Professional Chamber – “Challenges of Greek Economic Diplomacy for the extroversion of Small and Medium Enterprises”
-Panagiotis Liargovas, Scientific Director of the KEPE – “The economic policy of exit from the crisis”
-Victoria Pekka Economou, Professor, Department of Business Administration and Management, University of Piraeus – “Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship as main drivers of growth”

Section 2: Greek Entrepreneurship as a central pillar of development (Moderated by Ioanna Kokore, Assistant Professor, University of Piraeus)

-Thanasis Papapanagiotou, President and CEO of Dromeas – “Production in Greece and success in international markets”
-Stavros Damianidis, CEO of LDK Consultants – “Exports in the consulting sector”
-Charis Aslanidis, Owner of Digital Marketing Agency, Greek Geeks – “From Greek Geeks to APE1RON and beyond…”
-Ioanna Kokore, Assistant Professor, Department of Economic Science, University of Piraeus – “Entrepreneurship in a low interest rate environment”

Afterwards, the speed mentoring took place, where students and graduates had the opportunity to get to know better the actions of ALLILONnet and to connect with its Mentors inside and outside the University of Piraeus.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the participants who responded to our invitation, thus contributing to the success of the event and to Mr. Angelos Kotios, Rector of the University of Piraeus for the opportunity of this excellent cooperation.